2.25 release
Fractal – Hideyuki Hashimoto

piano, recording : Hideyuki Hashimoto
mastering : Zino Mikorey
label : XXIM Records

This is the first single of my upcoming EP “Fractals” for XXIM:EXPO #3 with XXIM Records, a label of Sony Music Entertainment.
I’m very happy to be joining their project XXIM:EXPO. Thanks for your listening and all support.

XXIM:EXPO is our exploratory series for outstanding young talents from across the whole spectrum of progressive instrumental music. Each instalment is given to one artist to curate his or her own ideal EP, sharing their own unique musical vision. With XXIM:EXPO we want to give young artists a platform, while mapping out all areas and developments of our wide area of music.

4月に新しいEP「Fractals」をXXIM Recordsよりリリースします。先行シングルとして「Fractal」が本日より配信開始されました。いつもありがとうございます~!